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Ordering Prints

It is TP's medium term aim to automate the print ordering system by introducing a shopping 'Move to cart' system. However this is a large site with over Seventy-Three pages, in order to get the site up and running, the system in place now requires visitors to order the prints manually through email. The procedure for ordering prints is outlined below.

As stated elsewhere, the purpose of this site is primarily to raise funds for Tideswell groups, though the sale of images on this site.


Sizes 8x8 / 10x8 / 10x7 inch colour professional photographic prints are £4.00 Each.

Sizes 8x6
/ 6X6 inch colour professional photographic prints are £3.50 Each.

Due to picture shape and cropping some prints may vary slightly in dimensions!
All prints will be supplied with a Glossy finish unless silk finish is requested.

Ordering Procedure

1: Navigate to the event/year you are interested in and identified the image you want, using the caption ref number.

2: Please make a note of the full reference number of your chosen image, AND the page name the image is on!

Email me using the contact form, including your full name, email address, image reference number, number of copies required and ideally a contact telephone number.

Turnaround Time

Please be aware that due to the high cost of postage and in order to keep the price of prints down, occasionally there may be a reasonable delay in delivery of prints due to the necessity of collecting an economically viable number of orders to send to our laboratory, and therefore maximise donations.
All in all would be our aim to deliver your order within 5-10 working days from the point of order.

Delivery/Collection of Prints

You will be notified by Tideswell People Unleashed Facebook, email, telephone or text when your order is ready.

Accountability And Transparency

Honesty, transparency and accountability in the running of TP and the raising of funds through this website, are of paramount importance to Bernard O'Sullivan personally.

All time given on the original photography, the design, implication and maintenance of the
TP website and in organising print orders and delivery is given freely and happily without exception.

The costs of registering, and hosting the site is
completely funded by Bernard O'Sullivan personally.

After the costs of postage and printing have been accounted for, any profit will be shared between the organisation relevant to the images ordered, i.e. Wakes Committee, The Churches, and Bernard O'Sullivan personally, with the balance
always being in favour of the donation.

After each major print order I will announce the total raised in the Village Voice.

The spreadsheet detailing expenditure and income raised, is available for viewing if required.

Bernard O'Sullivan 30th August 2017


May we remind you that the purpose of this site is to raise money for Tideswell groups, through sales of prints, the more sales we have the more money is raised for associated groups.

PLEASE NOTE: It is expressly forbidden to copy or distribute any images whether physically or electronically, without written permission. Full terms can be found here!

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