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Terms And Conditions

Tideswell Photos (TP) is wholly owned and administered by Bernard O'Sullivan as part of Inside Out Photography's (IOP) community support policy.

As stated elsewhere, the purpose of this site is primarily to promote the village of Tideswell and raise funds for non-profit Tideswell groups and associations, though the sale of images on this site. It is
IOP & TP desire therefore to minimise overheads and maximise donations. Please be aware that due to the high cost of mailing out print orders to our printing laboratory, occasionally there may be a reasonable delay in delivery of prints due to our collecting an economically viable number of orders.

These terms and conditions are designed to protect
BOTH the author of TP namely Bernard O'Sullivan, and all associated Tideswell groups.

The purpose of the information on this page, is to clarify and
protect the rights of all parties. Should anything on this page cause you concern, please contact us by telephone or email to discuss your reservations.

Please remember we are reasonable people with many years experience of successful and positive relationships with our image end-users.

Ordering Prints

As stated elsewhere, the purpose of this site is primarily to raise funds for Tideswell groups, though the sale of images on this site. Due to our printers high postal charges, there may occasionally be a reasonably delay in prints being delivered to ensure we have a viable volume, and maximise donations.

Print order errors resulting in an omission to provide the correct image reference number, will be strictly non-refundable!
Please ensure you use the correct and full reference number using the
print ref guide.

Copyright & Image Usage-Rights For Associated Tideswell Groups

Although image copyright title is owned by IOP & TP, It is IOP & TP's policy to grant copyright and continued image usage licence, to all non-profit Tideswell groups and associations.

IOP & TP retains the right to use any images for use in our own publicity material, unless otherwise specifically requested!

Unless agreed in writing, IOP & TP does not allow any images to be passed onto, or used by, any third parties. This includes image libraries whether fee charging, or royalty free.

Copyright & Image Usage-Rights For Tideswell non-profit Groups

As previously stated, although image copyright title is owned by IOP & TP all non-for-profit Tideswell groups and associations may use these images without hinder or let.

Any un-authorised use,
either knowingly or otherwise, printed or electronically displayed or published of IOP & TP's work by any commercial business, individual or their Agents, will be deemed to be an infringement of IOP’s copyright under UK & EU copyright law.

Liability to comply with UK & EU copyright law lies solely with the end-user or owner of website, or other published material and is not diminished in the event that said image(s) are supplied by a third party such as a web design company. Website owners must ensure that a
‘Reasonable and Diligent Search’ has been made to try to identify the copyright status of any image(s) and graphics used on said site!

This copyright is unaffected by any subsequent, stripping-out of
*metadata, third-party manipulation, cropping or defacing of said image(s). Inside Out Photography reserves the right under UK & EU copyright law, to issue an invoice for the period of usage. This right to invoice is regardless of whether the copyright images are subsequently removed, cease to be used or continue to be in use.

* Metadata is copyright information etc electronically embedded into every Inside Out Photography image, removal of said image is deemed to be an indication that the copyright breach was intentional and with knowledge of relevant UK & EU copyright law.


IOP & TP respects individuals privacy and individual civil liberties.

If you would prefer
NOT to be photographed please let me know politely at the time. If you think you may have been photographed contrary to your wishes and would prefer that the image did not go on the TP website then please inform me and TP will endeavour to delete any images** where recognition of the individual(s) concerned, is deemed to be likely and reasonably assumed.

**Please note in line with general industry wide right-of-privacy judgements, this may exclude some images of crowd scenes, where the individual(s) are 'incidentally featured'.

If you have any concerns, please talk to us as soon as possible, but please do try to be civil and remember the purpose of collecting these images is to raise funds for future village activities.


IOP & TP waives all image usage fees for all non-profit Tideswell groups and associations, commercial enterprises wishing to use our images, must request to do so in writing and a fee may apply.

IOP & TP do request that as a matter of courtesy, any group wishing to use our images should submit a request in writing/email beforehand, and where possible credit the image under the name Bernard O'Sullivan - Inside Out Photo.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales. These Terms and Conditions shall not be varied except by agreement in writing.

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